Adoption Characteristics of Livestock Farmers to Making Grass Silage in Ordu Province of Turkey

Yazar: Çağatay Yıldırım, Hatice Türkten, İsmet Boz
Yıl: 2017
Yayım Yeri: Diğer
Konu: Tarımsal İşletmecilik
The research examined adoption characteristics of livestock farmers to making grass silage in Ordu province, Turkey. The bulk of the data were collected from randomly selected 79 farmers by using well-structured questionnaire. Descriptive statistics were used for data analyses. Research findings showed that smallholder cattle owners are mostly older people and operate in conventional ways. They face severe problems with drying their grass and lack information about grass silage. It also showed that farmers have positive attitudes towards silage making from the grass. To adopt grass silage, farmers must be aware of its benefits, and extension work is needed for this purpose.

Keywords: Grass silage, Diffusion of innovations, Adoption of innovations.

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