Adoption Characteristics of Livestock Farmers and Their Attitudes to Silage Making From Grass in Interior Coastal Areas of Rize Province, Turkey

Yazar: Çağatay Yıldırım, Hatice Türkten, İsmet Boz
Yıl: 2017
Yayım Yeri: Diğer
Konu: Tarımsal İşletmecilik
The research examined the technical and economic feasibility of silage making from pasture grass, adoption characteristics of farmers and their attitudes to silage making in Rize province, Turkey. The bulk of the data were collected from randomly selected 76 farmers by using well- structured questionnaire. Technical feasibility of silage making from pasture grass were explored via Flieg scores calculated by using results of physical and sensorial analysis at laboratory. Partial budget analysis was used for exploring economic feasibility of silage making from pasture grass. Research results showed that the main problem of farms were insufficient workforce for continuing the dairy activities and lacking of basic technical information on dairy. It was clear based on the results of the feasibility analysis that silage making from pasture grass technically and economically feasible and good opportunity to farmers to increase their economic sustainability. It also showed that farmers have positive attitudes towards silage making from grass, which was providing labor and fodder cost savings to the farmers, but adoption and diffusion level of silage was unsatisfactory level. The study suggested training the technical staff on silage making from grass, farmer education programs and extension activities to increase adoption level of silage making.

Keywords: Adoption and diffusion, Grass silage, Sustainability.

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